Geotechnical Engineering

Geotechnical Drilling, Sampling and Field Testing

A Geotechnical Engineering report provides general information regarding subsurface conditions at a project site. The Geotechnical report is based on subsurface conditions encountered at discrete sample boring and/or test pit locations, the results of laboratory testing performed on samples obtained from the borings and/or test pits, and on engineering judgment.

The report provides information for the project owner, architect, structural engineer, general civil engineer and contractor to use for project cost estimating and design.

In general, this information includes: the presence/absence of problematic soils below the planned building and pavement areas; the presence/absence of rock or hard layers which would require rock excavation techniques to penetrate; foundation support options; pavement and floor slab support options; pavement designs; and anticipated undercut depths during wet and dry periods of the year.


  • Yanmar Mounted CME 55 Track Vehicle
  • GeoProbe 7720 DT
  • Truck mounted CME 75
  • Marooka mounted Diedrich D-50

Interior Drilling
GTS, Inc. has the capability of drilling inside of existing structures with ceilings as low as eight feet. The equipment is mounted to the existing floor and hydraulic jacks work in combination with samplers to extract soil samples.

Field Vane Shear Testing
Field investigation of undrained shear strength of soft to medium stiff clays. 

Borehole Packer
Testing ASTM D4630 – 96(2008)Method for Determining Transmissivity and Storage Coefficient of Low-Permeability Rocks by In Situ Measurements Using the Constant Head Injection Test 

Field Resistivity Testing
The resistivity of soil varies throughout different soil types. Soil resistivity is mainly influenced by the type of soil (clay, shale, etc.), moisture content, and the amount of electrolytes (minerals and dissolved salts). At GTS, Inc. we can provide soil resistivity testing incorporated with geotechnical borings to locate different soil and rock strata and to map geologic structures.

Ground Penetrating Radar

  • Locating buried utilities
  • Detection of voids beneath slabs on grade
  • Detection of ground cavities
  • Mapping of bedrock depth
  • Scanning of reinforced concrete and masonry block structures
  • Road pavement and airport runway inspection
  • Foundation investigation
  • Archaeological and Geological surveys

Contract Drilling Services
GTS can also provide contract geotechnical and environmental drilling services. Contact us for rates and information.


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