Construction Materials Testing

GTS provides laboratory and field testing of soils, concrete and masonry, asphalt, fire resistant materials, structural steel, CMU walls, and more. We can also provide construction observation.

Laboratory Soil tests performed

  • Standard and modified proctors ASTM D698, ASTM D1557,
  • Atterberg limits ASTM D4318, AASHTO T89, AASHTO T90
  • Sieve analysis ASTM D6913, AASHTO T27
  • Hydrometer ASTM D422, AASHTO T88
  • Specific Gravity and Absorption AASHTO T100
  • California Bearing Ratio ASTM D1883, AASHTO T193
  • Unconfined Compressive strength ASTM D 2166, AASHTO T208
  • Triaxial testing ASTM D2850, ASTM D 4767, ASTM WK 3821,
    AASHTO T296, AASHTO T297
  • Soil Consolidation ASTM D2435, AASHTO T216
  • Flex Wall Permeability ASMT D 2434, AASHTO T 215
  • Sand Equivalency ASTM D 2419, AASHTO T176
  • Aggregate Soundness Testing ASTM C88, AASHTO T96
  • LA Abrasion ASTM C131, AASHTO T96
  • Deleterious Material Determination
  • One Dimensional Swell Test ASTM D 4546, AASHTO T216
  • Soil Stabilization Mix Designs
  • Compressive strength of cylinders, cubes, prisms and cores
    ASTM C 39, ASTM C 42, ASTM C 1019, ASTM C 109, ASTM C140
  • Bearing Capacity Observation
  • Proofroll Observation
  • Retaining Wall backfill Observation
  • Straight Shaft Drilled Pier installation Observation
  • GEOPIER installation observation
  • Soil Nail Installation Observation
  • Micropile installation observation

Laboratory Concrete and Masonry Tests Performed

  • Compressive strength of cylinders, cubes, prisms and cores ASTM C 39, ASTM C 42, ASTM C 1019, ASTM C 109, ASTM C140
  • Flexural Strength of Beams ASTM C 78
  • Petrographic Analysis of concrete samples ASTM C 457 – Available via subcontract
  • Compressive strength testing of lightweight insulating concrete ASTM C 495, ASTM C 513

Laboratory Asphalt tests performed

  • Bulk Specific gravity AASHTO T 166
  • Thickness
  • Aggregate Gradation ASTM D6913, AASHTO T27
  • Extraction and Gradation of core samples ASTM D5444, AASHTO T30

Laboratory Sprayed on Fire Resistant Material Testing

  • SRFM density ASTM E605

Field Soil evaluation or testing

  • Soil or Aggregate Density Testing ASTM D6938, AASHTO T310

Field Concrete and Masonry tests performed

  • On site sampling of freshly mixed concrete ASTM C31, C143, C172, C231, C1064, AASHTO T23, T119, T141, T152, T309
  • Unit Weight of Concrete ASTM C138, AASHTO T121
  • On site sampling of grout ASTM C1019, C143, C1064, AASHTO T23, T119, T309
  • On site sampling of mortar ASTM C1714
  • Schmidt Hammer ASTM C8805
  • Concrete maturity testing
  • Mass concrete temperature testing
  • Floor Flatness Determination ASTM E 1155
  • Vapor Emission Testing ASTM F1869
  • Relative humidity Insitu Probe Testing ASTM F2170
  • Concrete Ph testing
  • Concrete mortar time of setting ASTM C403
  • Crack monitoring

Field Asphalt Testing

  • Rolling pattern determination during placement
  • Coring and cutting samples for testing 

Field Sprayed on Fire Resistant Material Testing

  • Thickness and density testing of SFRM ASTM E605
  • Adhesion Testing of SFRM ASTM E 736 

Structural Steel Inspection

  • In house Certified Welding Inspector
  • Weld procedure and welder performance qualification
  • Field and Fabrication Shop Welding inspections
  • Visual inspection
  • Liquid Penetrant inspection – inspection method used to locate surface-breaking defects in non-porous materials using capillary action to draw the penetrant into the cracks.
  • Magnetic Particle inspection – process for detecting surface and subsurface discontinuities in ferroelectric material using magnetic fields and small metallic particles
  • Ultrasonic Inspection – Ultrasonic nondestructive testing is an established method of insuring the integrity of structural welds by being able to identify cracking, porosity, incomplete penetration, inclusions, lack of sidewall fusion, and similar defects that can compromise weld strength by using sound waves.
  • Skidmore Wilhelm Bolt Tension Calibrator – for calibrating fasteners and tools on the job site
  • Proto Torque multiplier – 2200 ft/lb torque multiplier

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