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About Us

GTS, Inc. was formed in July of 2005 by Andy McClarrinon, P.E. and David Berry, P.E. to perform geotechnical engineering and construction materials testing services. Quality of deliverables and timeliness of services are the overriding goals of GTS, Inc.

Andy and David have over 49 years of combined experience in the fields of Geotechnical Engineering, Construction Materials Testing, Geotechnical Analysis and Design and Environmental Compliance Assessments.

Be sure to check out our page listing our Qualifications, including our Certifications, Memberships, and License information, or Contact Us with any additional questions.


Geotechnical Engineering

Geotechnical Drilling, Sampling and Field Testing A Geotechnical Engineering report provides general information regarding subsurface conditions at a project site. The Geotechnical report is based on subsurface conditions encountered at discrete sample boring and/or test pit locations, the results of...

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Construction Materials Testing

Laboratory Soil tests performed Standard and modified proctors ASTM D698, ASTM D1557, AASHTO T99, AASHTO T180 Atterberg limits ASTM D4318, AASHTO T89, AASHTO T90 Sieve analysis ASTM D6913, AASHTO T27 Hydrometer ASTM D422, AASHTO T88 Specific Gravity and Absorption AASHTO...

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Environmental Services

GTS has completed hundreds of Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) for commercial clients throughout Arkansas, Louisiana, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas. In addition, we have conducted follow-up Phase II ESAs at many of these sites, helping characterize and delineate...

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Job Opening

CMT, Construction Materials Testing Field Technician Fayetteville, AR. Duties As a construction materials testing technician, you will observe contractors on construction sites and perform field soils and concrete tests under the direction of other GTS technicians or engineering staff to ensure that testing, sampling, or inspection is performed consistent with project specifications.  Periodic laboratory work may also be required including testing of soils, aggregates, concrete, grout, and mortar in accordance with applicable OkDOT, ASTM, and/or AASHTO standard test procedures.  Since work is outdoors, you must be able to work in various weather conditions and lift 30 to 50 pounds repeatedly....

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